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Scott McCollum, author of The Informed Consumer's Guide to a Successful Roofing Project

About The Author

Scott enjoys life with his wife of 29 years, Wanda, who has always been his right-hand person. She currently works in the office handling claims from insurance and mortgage companies.


Their son Scotty is the V.P. at their Dallas location. Graduating from Austin College with a Bachelor’s in Business Administration (and a minor in Spanish), Scotty is passionate about the company’s green and solar solutions.


Scott and Wanda’s daughter Carley is currently attending college and helps out at the of ce. Rounding out the family is their 12-year old chocolate lab, Coco.


When not working, Scott loves to hop in the car with his wife and Coco and head out for a long, leisurely, stress-relieving drive on the back roads in the area. In fact, it’s during those drives that Scott experiences his most creative moments.


He also loves hunting and spending time outdoors with Scotty. And while they don’t have much time available to attend games, they enjoy cheering on the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers whenever they can.


Scott McCollum

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